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the eating project turns 5 today!

five years ago today, the eating project first went live.  what started out as a hobby has turned into a labour of love.  there have been ups and downs, good meals and bad, as well as long periods of silence, but this blog will keep going as long as i keep eating.  i want to thank you all for your continued support through the site’s many incarnations and infrequent updates.  to my new readers, welcome and i hope you will stay a while.

special thanks
to jmb: thank you for leading me back to my love of writing.

to b.: thank you for reigniting my passion for food and photography.  thank you for all the wonderful meals, for putting up with the embarrassment caused by my constant picture-taking, and for your constructive criticism.  thank you for spoiling me with food adventures at jun i and thus ruining sushi for me at all other places in montreal.  merci d’avoir enchanté ma vie.

to my friends & family: thank you for letting me get the perfect shot before touching the food. you deserve a round of applause for your patience and restraint. thank you for praising my work and above all, thank you for being such great friends.

to my fellow food bloggers: thank you for being an inspiration and helping me find good eats.

my virtual baby turns five years old today and i’m as proud as any mommy would be! i think we should all have a piece of cake (or a poutine) to celebrate. once again, thank you!  merci et bonne bouffe à tous!

~ julie.
eat.  laugh.  love.  live.


  1. Happy birthday!! I’ve been loving your blog for a long time now…one of the first food blogs I did follow, and definitely the first Montreal food blog I loved.

    Mine just had its fourth birthday two days ago…and yeah, you gotta love the people who put up with you saying “NO! Don’t eat anything while I take photos!” and they look on, with hungry hungry eyes.

    • thank you! i’ve also been following your writings for a while now. it all started on midnight poutine… i’m still looking for someone brave enough to go try the raw meat sandwich you wrote about!

      happy anniversary to your blog also! i love the photos from your trips and the recipes :)

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